BT Clinical Computing participated in MIM Snomed Hackathon during the MIC2018 congres

3 Dec 2018

This premiere at the congress is an initiative of the MIM (Belgian Medical Informatics Association) in collaboration with AZ Sint-Lucas in Ghent.
AZ Sint-Lucas faces the challenge of structuring more than 400,000 central medical history lines to Snomed CT in preparation for the migration to a structured problem list in the new EPR. The MIM organizes for the first time a Snomed Hackathon, together with AZ Sint-Lucas Gent and 4 specialized suppliers. At the congress they have reported on the approach, the results and the state of the technology.

Hereby the original BT Clinical Computing approach.



Many companies can convert medical reports to Snomed CT codes using Natural Language Processing. ‘And Then?’ BT Clinical Computing show how these Snomed CT codes become useful.


‘The Snomed CT Blockchain of medicine’

Snomed CT allows to summarize and browse through the medical record of the patient. Using the Snomed-structure the caregiver, coder, patient can generate a Patient Summary in seconds from the unstructured medical reports. From there one can drill down to the medical report from where the concept originated.


‘Snomed CT Artificial Intelligence’

The Snomed-structured Patient Summary allows alerts and clinical pathways in function of the clinical condition of the patient. Secondary coding as ISD, reimbursement codes, registries and clinical trials can be automated.


‘Snomed CT Business Intelligence’

Patients can be selected for clinical trials with Snomed-guided inclusion and exclusion criteria. The Snomed CT Data Warehouse allows the analysis of key performance indicators