The official Belgian extension is already integrated in the BT glossary

27 Mar 2018

At BTCC, we try to provide the best solution to our users, today and tomorrow.

In this dynamic, we keep on updating our glossary on a regular basis – counting 170K+ terms in both French and Dutch. Today, we’re happy to announce we integrated and thoroughly tested the NRC official extension.

Our users in hospitals also help improving the BT glossary everyday, by suggesting new terms, modifications or abbreviations in parallel they SNOMEDize their documents. Not mentioning the BT teams who also keep on reinforcing the glossary with new terms and concepts

In the context of this release, the BTCC teams are going to attend the “terminology day” on Wednesday the 28th of March.
Maybe this will give us the opportunity to catchup?

If you want to get in touch for more information or a product demo on your premise, please email us!