The Intelligent Patient Summary

«About 80% of the medical record is free text…
How can we retrieve relevant information ?»

Continuity<br/>of CareContinuity<br/>of Care
of Care

SNOMED CT Patient Summary
Clinical and medication reconciliation
Decision support
Personal Health Record
Transparent<br/>Medical codingTransparent<br/>Medical coding
Medical coding

SNOMED CT-guided text interface
Parsing text to SNOMED CT
Rule-based multipurpose code conversion
SNOMED CT<br/>Big DataSNOMED CT<br/>Big Data
Big Data

Medical Data Intelligence
Clinical trials

Problem and allergy lists
Support e-prescription medication
Drug drug interaction
Evidence based order-entry
Sumehr/CCD communication

Specialized Software Suite …


NLP Natural Language Processing

Transformation of medical text to relevant terms

<p><strong>NLP</strong> Natural Language Processing</p>


Web « smartphone-like » user interface to propose on-line SNOMED CT preferred terms

TMS Terminology Management System

Management of the  SNOMED CT  and local terminologies, mapping to other coding system such as ICD10

<p><strong>TMS</strong> Terminology Management System</p>


The BT medical datawarehouse database with added-value modules to query, edit and export SNOMED CT XML medical documents

Rule based SNOMED-XML / Code Convertor

Rule based transformation of SNOMED CT XML to other coding systems (ICD10,…)

<p><strong>Rule based SNOMED-XML / Code Convertor</strong></p>
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Core Product BT

Thanks his intelligent integrated SNOMED glossary
Web Code Finder Application
Web Code Finder Application

Smartphone-like SNOMED Interface
ICD-10 rule-based Code Finder

NLP (Natural Language Processing) Webservice Component
NLP (Natural Language Processing) Webservice Component

Import to Repository
Export of SNOMED XML Patient Summary
Conversion into ICD-10 (Coding software interface)
Support of medical exchange standards (Sumehr, HL7 C-CDA)

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The founders

Thierry KLEIN (M.D.)
Thierry KLEIN (M.D.)

Thierry has a medical degree and master degree in informatics. He has been working for several hospitals including the university hospital Erasme ULB, Brussels as the medical responsible of medical information and coding.

He is lecturer at the ULB Public School and participates to the Imediate (Interoperability of Medical Data Through Information Extraction and Term Encoding) Project 2013-2016 sponsored by Innoviris, Brussels.


Benny has been working for six years in clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry.

He founded his own company developing an electronic medical record with a data driven workflow management and integrated study automation.

He has been working at the university hospital UZB, Brussels for medical coding and business intelligence. He introduced a SNOMED CT-based terminology server which he presented at the WoHit in 2008.

He contributed to the introduction of SNOMED CT in Belgium at eHealth Belgium.


BT Clinical Computing offers a structured SNOMED CT inside solution
from existing data and on-line medical input

Our news
BT Clinical Computing participated in MIM Snomed Hackathon during the MIC2018 congres

This premiere at the congress is an initiative of the MIM (Belgian Medical Informatics Association) in collaboration with AZ Sint-Lucas in Ghent. AZ Sint-Lucas faces the challenge of structuring more than 400,000 central medical history lines to Snomed CT in preparation for the migration to a structured problem list in the new EPR. The MIM […]

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The official Belgian extension is already integrated in the BT glossary

At BTCC, we try to provide the best solution to our users, today and tomorrow. In this dynamic, we keep on updating our glossary on a regular basis – counting 170K+ terms in both French and Dutch. Today, we’re happy to announce we integrated and thoroughly tested the NRC official extension. Our users in hospitals also […]

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MIC 2016

Meet us at MIC 2016, which will take place at the Congrescentrum Elzenveld (Antwerp) on 25 November.    

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